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Ed Banancia | Schure Media



Skylar Stecker wants to bring you into her world, to move you or make you want to move. A songwriter and independent artist based in Los Angeles, Stecker is passionately inclusive and inspired to serve a diverse fanbase through her music. Her songs are written for all audiences, and they’ve resonated with many, making her the youngest artist to ever top the Billboard Dance Charts. Her voice has also taken her across the country to perform over 100 national anthems at various NFL, NBA, and MLB games.

With her highly anticipated sophomore album, "Redemption," coming out March 15, Skylar has released three singles that take her into a moody, urban space. Her honest approach to songwriting and her take on coming-to-age show up on these singles, along with her powerhouse vocals. Her album "Redemption" and released title track is an anthem for herself and fans.

Stecker has always had her sights set high, and she’s ready to rise up and empower others along the way.